I’m on an island?

I was getting myself a fish burrito (today is Good Friday), and as I was driving home I had an epiphany.  I do not have a friend that I can speak the real estate investor language with.  I cannot just plop myself down on the chair in front of my friend the banker and start talking ARVs, rent ranges, cap rates, cost of repairs, cash flow, etc.  I cannot ask my friends where the good deals are and who I need to contact to get them.  I cannot speak that same language with my wife who is the medical field and does not have the time to learn what I’m doing.  I cannot talk with any of my friends who are Realtors, lenders, title & escrow reps, or appraisers. Although, the appraisers understand it more than the rest.  I do not have any real estate investor friends!

Time to start looking for others who speak and think my language.  Anyone out there?


~ by Llew Quinol on April 2, 2010.

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