SDIC – May meeting

Attended the meeting in Del Mar yesterday.  Guest speaker was Robert Campbell, an author, economist and investor.  He gave insight to the 2013 Housing Market.  A lot of doom and gloom for the economy. Networked with the other investors after the meeting. I realize that I’m at a place where people speak my language and can relate to the issues that I am experiencing as it pertains to real estate investing.  I am glad I attended because I felt I fell off the wagon due to all the outside issues I am currently dealing with and needed a boost.  I see what I need to do, it’s just a matter of finding that first property now.

Ted Ricasa was talking about how people can find you (i.e. me) on Google by doing a special search. He pulls up Jay Smith, another investor in the room, who also is in Ted’s and my “circle”.  I spoke with Jay about what he did.  He said early on he started his Word Press Blog and marketed it everywhere.  It turns out it is stuck somewhere in cyberspace so he, Jay, is the first person up.  Ah…you see now why I’m back on Word Press writing a blog? 😉


~ by Llew Quinol on May 3, 2013.

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