Central Parkway

In February, the tenant in this property stopped making her rent payments.  So making the mortgage payment did not happen and has forced me to sell the property.  However, she decided to stay in the property so I had to hire an attorney to kick her out ($400). Two weeks and she was out, but I had to get her junk out of the house ($600).ImageImageImage

After all that was cleared, the property was still not in shape to be sold.  The realtor said there is mold around the windows and that I needed to replace all the windows as well as clean the place up to make it ready for sale.  Cost $5000.  If I sell it as is, then I lose money.  If I spend $5k, then I can potentially make $20k profit.  The problem is…I don’t have $5k.


~ by Llew Quinol on May 6, 2013.

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