It’s a Miracle!

So, it’s Tuesday evening and my 1-on-1 meeting at 545pm was cancelled. The meeting was supposed to be at 445pm, but I was told 545pm. That freed me up for the Carmel Mountain Cash Flow Meetup at 645pm.

Part of my goals for the week is to attend 2 networking events, and this would make it my 2nd event. I drove 30 miles to the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Carmel Mountain Ranch.

I met several people, which was great because I was suppose to meet 5 new people daily, and there were 4 new people I had not met yet. They were Todd, Vicki, Celeste and Miracle. Funny, I met a young woman by the name of Dream last week when I met with Andy Cruz for lunch.

During the game, I ran into a bit of “bad luck’ at the beginning when I drew a doodad card. As the mechanic in the game, I did not make a lot of money, but I knew typically the low income players usually make it out of the Rat Race early. This was not to be, because I drew the $4000 TV set and was required to purchase it. I did not have $4K, so I needed to put it on credit, which placed a $120 monthly expense. Soon after, I landed on “I had a baby” which cost an additional $110 per month. My income was much lower now. During the majority of the game, I barely got an opportunity card, however during the 2 hours of play, Miracle became my cheerleader. She was rooting for me every time I rolled the dice and saying, “Amazing things are going to happen”. She would say, “you’re going to pay off all your debts, and win the game! Watch…amazing things are going to happen!” At a certain point, I had an epiphany. I began to realize divine providence was at work, and GOD was telling me something through Miracle. I was impressed by her positive attitude and statements, and decided that I really needed to have her attitude and apply it to my current situation. I was now motivated to win this game. I started saying her affirmations every time I rolled the dice. And, I intend to use that as a daily affirmation from this point forward.

I did not win the game. You have to get out of the “Rat Race” to win the game. However, Miracle did. I came away with a positive attitude and a belief that I could do the things I set out to do. So, really…I did win! I can truly say that “It was a Miracle” that happened to me.


~ by Llew Quinol on August 27, 2015.

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