REInvestor seeks Student

Renatus is a real estate investing education company.  There is an Essentials program that has 11 courses that includes how to structure your entities properly, and a mortgage acceleration course that teaches how to pay off your mortgage within 7-10 years.

Renatus also give you the opportunity to market the company, hence make money as you learn how to build and keep wealth.

I bring this up because I brought Bill onto my team who is much older, retired Navy and has been looking to create wealth to supplement (i.e. surpass) his retirement income. He is plugged in, up every morning listening to live stream of our leaders about how to do this business while learning how to invest in real estate.  In just 44 days he made a certifying sale that created a $10,000 commission.  Great job Bill!  Keep it up!




~ by Llew Quinol on March 18, 2016.

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