Cashflow 2/10/17- The Green Rat

Today, I was the Green Rat.  The Green Rat was the Mechanic, low-income, low expenses, no assets, a few liabilities.  There were only three players, a truck driver and a lawyer.  I know the truck driver will be similar to me in terms of income, expense, assets and liabilities.  However, the lawyer will have high income, high expenses, no assets, high liabilities.

My strategy was to wholesale big opportunities to the lawyer, but first a few rounds around the Rat Race and small deals, if they come up.  I started picking up stocks, and collecting paychecks, then made the move on a big opportunity.  Lucky me, it was  3/2 house with 132% ROI.  Obviously, I need to beg, borrow or steal (oops…no stealing) money to get this property.  It so happened that I had enough for half of the down payment and borrowed the other half at 10% from the bank.  Cashflow was good.

I know the lawyer was picking up big opportunities when she could.  I pulled a few to see if I could partner up with the lawyer, but all I was getting were business opportunities out of both our capabilities….for the time being.

Then, someone pulled a market card and 3/2 houses were being sold for $65,000.  Selling the property would put at least $30,000 in the bank and allow me to pay off some loans, then I’ll be able to look for big opportunities.  I will also lose the cashflow this property produces, and the only property I currently have in my portfolio.  Who sells a property that produces 132% ROI???  I sold it.  I got my $30,000, paid off loans and still had enough to potentially do some big deals that could produce better cashflow, not necessarily better ROI.

To make a long story short,  I’ve gone around the Rat Race several times, picked up a Coin Operated Telephone business that produced good cashflow.  It was a $20,000 purchase, no liability (no mortgage loan).  I eventually reduced my expenses by paying off most of my liabilities, and built up enough passive income to leave the Rat Race early but chose to stay in to build more passive income and help the others to get out.  When I finally move to the Fast Track to start buying businesses and other investments, I landed on a Russian Oil Deal.  To win the game, a player needs to accumulate an additional $50,000 per month in cashflow either from purchasing enough businesses or investing in deals, or the player lands on and purchases their dream, which they picked at the beginning of the game.

I rolled a 4, which gave me $75,000 per month.  I WIN!



~ by Llew Quinol on February 12, 2017.

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